Amethyst (Purple) Mini Oval Crystal Gemstone Drop Earrings On Silver Ear Wires

Amethyst (Purple) Mini Oval Crystal Gemstone Drop Earrings On Silver Ear Wires

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Amethyst (Purple) mini oval (7x9mm) crystal gemstone drop earrings with 925 Sterling Silver findings and matching Sterling Silver shepherds hook ear wires.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Shipped inside a white luxury handmade paper box wrapped in plain tissue paper. There is no price label inside.

For formal, informal and everyday wear. Popular as wedding jewellery and bridesmaids gifts.

Amethyst is a birthstone for February. It celebrates the 6th wedding anniversary (for protection).

Mystical properties: amethyst is known as a master crystal of spirituality. It is a powerful protection stone creating a bubble around the wearer, warding off psychic attacks and negative energy. Amethyst is said to boost the production of hormones and strengthen the endocrine system and metabolism, as well as strengthening the cleansing organs of the immune system. It is believed to aid emotional and psychological pain or stress. In essence this stone offers a wonderful combination of healing and calming. It is also said to be a wonderful antidote for a hangover or headache so take a smooth stone and try rubbing gently on your temples for several minutes. It is the perfect stone for meditation and the ideal calming stone for rage and anger. Amethyst brings peace, insight and calmness, helping insomnia sufferers sleep more easily. It absorbs negative energies very efficiently and easily so clear this crystal on a regular basis to keep it happy. A rinse in fresh water and a good recharge in the sunshine ensures this lovely crystal will continue to work its magic efficiently.