Lapis Lazuli (Blue) Mini Lentil 'Smartie' Crystal Gemstone Pendant On Gold Chain Necklace

Lapis Lazuli (Blue) Mini Lentil 'Smartie' Crystal Gemstone Pendant On Gold Chain Necklace

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16-18 Inch (41-46cm) lapis lazuli (blue) mini lentil 'smartie' (11mm wide) crystal gemstone pendant with gold filled (22 Carat gold filled with 925 Sterling Silver) findings and matching gold filled fine cable chain with spring clasp.

Customers opt for a 16 inch (41cm) or 18 inch (46cm) chain. Most teenagers and adults wear an 18 inch chain, with under-12s selecting a 16 inch chain.

Shipped inside a white luxury handmade paper box wrapped in plain tissue paper.

For formal, informal and everyday wear. Popular as wedding jewellery and bridesmaids gifts.

Lapis lazuli is a birthstone for September. It celebrates the 9th wedding anniversary (promotes harmony in relationships).

Mystical properties: lapis lazuli is a stone of peace. It it said to bring calm and centring to fearful emotions. It enhances psychic abilities and communication with ones spirit guides and the Higher Self, enhancing creative expression especially verbally and through words in general. A good, inspiring stone for authors and writers. Lapis is said to work well as a bridge into other dimensions if used during meditation and it encourages openness and honesty. It is said to strengthen the body and mind as well as increasing awareness and encouraging the evolution of the spirit. It can be helpful if you need to focus. Lapis also helps to build self-confidence, brings spiritual love and is a wonderful stone to place nearby for encouraging and enhancing love and fidelity within marriage. It is associated with communication and spiritual connection, the throat and brow chakras. Lapis is a protective stone, both mentally and physically, and good to carry if you work in a threatening environment. It is also said to help people suffering with vertigo.