Labradorite (Dark Green, Grey) Crystal Gemstone Pendant On Silver Chain Necklace

Labradorite (Dark Green, Grey) Crystal Gemstone Pendant On Silver Chain Necklace

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16-20 Inch (41-51cm) labradorite (dark green, grey) crystal gemstone pendant (16*10mm) with 925 Sterling Silver findings and matching 925 Sterling Silver fine cable chain with spring clasp.

Customers opt for a 16 inch (41cm), 18 inch (46cm) or 20 inch (51cm) chain. Most teenagers and adults wear an 18 inch chain, with under-12s selecting a 16 inch chain.

Shipped inside a white luxury handmade paper box wrapped in plain tissue paper.

For formal, informal and everyday wear.

Labradorite is a birthstone for June and September. It celebrates the 3rd wedding anniversary (good fortune and passion).

Mystical properties: labradorite is a hugely spiritual stone said to relieve stress and anxiety, and enhance psychic abilities and natural intuition. It strengthens the aura and is hugely protective against negative energies, keeping you clean and clear energetically. Labradorite dissolves illusions and true intentions are seen with much more clarity. It intensifies and strengthens feelings of inner worth and is a transformational gemstone, useful for bringing up and healing old memories, including past life issues. It is one of the best stones to support the breaking of addictive habits, be those physical or mental. Labradorite can be a bridge for communicating with our highest self and helps when facing changes and challenges, attracting strength and perseverance. Labradorite absorbs negative energies very efficiently and easily so make sure you clear this crystal on a regular basis to keep it happy. A rinse in fresh water and a good recharge in the sunshine ensures this lovely crystal will continue to work its magic efficiently.