Three Charm Necklaces

Three charm necklaces are in silver or gold. Each include a Murano glass heart charm, silver charm, white pearl and chain. Metals are 925 Sterling Silver and vermeil (22 Carat gold filled with 925 Sterling Silver).

Mix 'n Match

You can mix 'n match the colour heart and silver charm. Begin by scrolling through this Three Charm Necklace collection for a silver or gold necklace and colour heart. Open the product then scroll through images deciding between silver charms. Select silver charm and chain length from drop-down menus then buy.

Select Silver or Gold & Heart | Select Charm & Chain

​​​​​Each necklace is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity inside a luxury handmade paper box wrapped in plain tissue paper. There is no price label inside.

For formal, informal and everyday wear.

p.s., There are longer 24" (61cm) three charm 'flapper' necklaces in my Couture Necklace collection.

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