Bespoke Red Pastel Pendant On Faux Suede Necklace

Bespoke Red Pastel Pendant On Faux Suede Necklace

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Bespoke Murano glass round flat pendant (approx., 50mm diameter x 5mm deep) with red pastel on a 42 inch (107cm) length of black faux suede.

'Murano Glass' seal at the rear. 

This faux suede necklace may be tied at any length, choker or long, and trimmed to suit. Worn outside clothing or simply around your neck you can leave it tied and merely place it over your head, and so forgoing fiddly clasps. Faux suede is easily replaced through stockists readily found online or elsewhere.

There is no metal so is an option for allergy sufferers.

Please note that every bespoke glass pendant is handmade and therefore different; you will receive a necklace very similar to the picture and just as beautiful.

Items are shipped with a certificate of authenticity inside a luxury handmade box wrapped in plain tissue paper. There is no price label inside.